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Solar for Industrial Process Heating in Dairy Industry

The dairy industry is of crucial importance to India. The country is the world's largest milk producer, accounting for more than 13% of the world’s total milk production. Heating water accounts for more than 30% of the energy in Dairy Industry of India. Apart from that Rising fuel prices have had a tremendous impact on milk processing industry nowadays, the industry is constantly adopting various technologies to reduce operational costs the result of which various dairies have adopted low-cost fuel as an option regardless the pollution & other unhygienic impacts. Today Milk processing plants need to transform & divert their attention to cleaner processing & need to opt for renewable energy as a source of fuel. One of such source is Concentrated solar thermal (CST) technologies.

The use of appropriate solar technology can have a positive impact on the energy and environmental scenario of the Dairy industry at a large. There are various solar thermal technologies available for dairy industries including concentrated solar thermal systems. The solar steam or pressurized hot water generated by CLIMATENZA's solar thermal concentrator can be used in the following processes:

1. Solar thermal assisted Pasteurization

2. Milk powder

3. Can Washing

4. Cleaning in Place(CIP)

5. Crate washing

6. Sterilization


Solar thermal assisted Milk Pasteurization

Solar thermal for hot water Washing

Solar thermal Based Sterilization

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