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Solar for Industrial Process Heating in Hospitality Industry

Energy consumption in hotel accounts for between 3% and 6% of total running costs, Hence energy conservation can reduce operational cost in a huge way. As the major part of the used energy is produced using conventional fuels like gas, coal and petroleum products, reducing the energy consumption would contribute to reduction CO2 emissions. Taking actions to reduce emissions and realize financial benefits can give the hotel operator increased revenue and a competitive advantage. One of the best ways to reduce emission is by using solar thermal concentrators as most of the hotel's thermal requirement can be met with Hot water & steam.

Solar thermal heating systems can be used for bathing, washing, cleaning, pre-boiler applications and also for cooking, Laundry and Air conditioning.

Installing a concentrated solar thermal (CST) system in hotels will not only reduce the hotel’s operational costs, but it will also appeal to the environmentally conscious consumer of today’s market.


Solar Cooking

Solar hot water for Laundry, bathing and Cleaning

Solar Cooling

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