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#MeToo Momentum: Journey towards Carbon Reduction

As Climate Change Intensifies, Startups Try to Slow Down the Effects

Climate change is already wreaking havoc on coastlines around the world and rapid threat to developing countries, with increasingly powerful natural calamities including storms and floods causing unprecedented damages to these areas. Meanwhile, other regions have to battle more frequent wildfires, exacerbated by warmer, drier summers. Governments and security experts are increasingly concerned that climate change will contribute to humanitarian crises in the future. But businesses are keeping an eye on long term environmental changes too. Recently, CLIMATENZA joined hands with Youth Climate Leaders and Endeleza to bring rapid transformation in Energy requirements with a vision to impact CLIMATE CHANGE

Youth CLIMATE LEADERS build the next generation of climate leaders, They are designing a unique experience: one trip around the world to learn more about climate change in theory, understand it in practice, and work on hands-on projects with other young people. Their vision is to shift the image of young people as "leaders of the future" to the leaders of today. Their main goal is to empower a diverse group of young leaders from all over the world with leadership and entrepreneurial skills to be used right now to address climate change. Through their network, Young Leaders will be able to join forces and leverage their impact in the following years, ensuring that their local efforts be part of a larger global movement.

Endeleza is a non-profit organization with an international presence and their goal is to promote human and community development, through three foundations: education, empowerment, and sustainability. They strongly believe that development is only attainable if it comes from the base, actively engaging all individuals in their own community. They translated their essence into their mission: to promote the development of human potential, aiming to create transformative citizens that are able to come up with sustainable solutions to social issues while empowering and inciting prosperity to their communities. Currently, Endeleza is working on solar Energy Project to power Local communities in Kenya with Solar Energy.

Change is hard. Human beings are reticent to change their behavior even under the most compelling of circumstances, and environmental dangers do not tend to arouse the kind of urgency that motivates individuals to act. Mass transformation of unsustainable systems will be even more difficult than shifting individual behaviors, for unlike ants and bees, humans are not well equipped to coordinate behavior for common benefit.

Psychological research suggests that humans can move toward a sustainable society by creating conditions that motivate environmentally responsible collective action – conditions that help people surmount cognitive limits, create new situational drivers, foster need fulfillment, and support communities of social change. Individual Organizations whose actions are informed by a deeper understanding of how the planet really works can galvanize collectives to change the larger systems that drive so much of human behavior. To radically alter the way humans think and live; educate the next generation; and design physical, governmental, and cultural systems, humans must experience and better understand their profound interdependence with the planet, CLIMATENZA together with our Partner Organizations will work closer to create a better, Sustainable and more efficient society running on clean energy.

Support #MeToo-CLIMATE Movement if you have ever faced it's Effects.

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