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CLIMATENZA signs framework agreement with Absolicon to automate production of Solar concentrator in

Climatenza has signed a framework agreement with Absolicon to acquire a production line for automating development of solar thermal collectors in northern India. Climatenza is based in New Delhi and runs renewable energy projects for the industrial sector. CLIMATENZA's vision has always been how to scale implementation of renewable energy technologies and cut carbon emission from Industrial sector.

The partnership will help CLIMATENZA to add automation to the production of Solar concentrators and develop 1 concentrator in every 6 minutes. This would help in production capacity of over 100,000 sq. meter equivalent to 55 MW thermal per year. The collaboration is based on CLIMATENZA's experience and understanding about the Solar thermal technology and market across the region and rest of India as well as on company's expertise in heat storage, thermal concentrators and research collaborations. In addition to this, Climatenza is conducting research projects in India to develop new thermal heating storage technology that can be integrated with solar concentrators, like Absolicon’s T160.

The framework agreement sets out overarching principles

The framework agreement provides for the overall principles for the separate agreements to be drawn up and the steps to be taken before a binding agreement for the acquisition of the production line can be signed. The estimated value is subject to change as well as the final design of the production capacity of the production line.

Market potential

The production line is planned in northern India which houses many places with very high solar radiation. The potential market in India, for a production line producing Absolicon’s T160 solar collector, rises to 3,000 million square meters, equivalent to 540 million solar collectors or 2,000 TWth (42% coal, 15% oil), which would reduce the country’s CO2 emissions from the industry by up to 40% when oil is replaced as fuel (source: International Energy Agency).

The largest market segments for solar collector technology to be implemented in the region are:

  • Textile industry

  • Dairy industry

  • Food and beverage industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Automotive industry

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

Contact with Absolicon has been ongoing since late 2018 and after exploring the market opportunity for about a year, CLIMATENZA is now ready to take the next step and have signed a framework agreement with Absolicon. Discussions have just begun to procure and scale more projects across India. More detailed contract writing is now taking place.

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